Post Membership Meets 7:00 p.m., 3rd Monday of each month

@ 115 Mimosa Lane, Ballwin, MO 63011



 1.         Ball caps, no matter how tasteful are not to be worn during post meetings – VFW uniform caps only or none at all.

2.         Cell phones are to be switched off or to vibrate, if you must take a call – Excuse yourself and step out of the meeting room.

3.         If you have something to say during a meeting or are called upon to speak…stand, salute the Commander and wait to be recognized.  Then you may speak.

4.         When the meeting is in session, no member will pass between the altar and the Commander’s station.

5.         (a)        All members will stand during the rendition of prayers.

            (b)        Members will follow the action of the chaplain to the removal of caps during prayers.

            (c)        When uncovered the hat shall be placed on the extended closed fingers of the right hand in such a way that the Cross of Malta is exposed and held over the heart.

6.         Post business is not be discussed in the Hospitality Room.

7.         Any member is welcome to attend the committee meetings.  Although your input may be solicited, only a committee member can vote.

8.         Please refrain from profanity - - we are all veterans and have all been exposed to it - but our language should not define who we are.

9.         Leave your politics at home.  We are a Fraternal Military Order and our allegiance and loyalty is to the Government of the United States of America, this organization, and to to each other (Post members).

Click here for VFW Post 6274 Bylaws
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